Analysis that Scales Beyond Excel

Build repeatable, programmable analysis without code. Run complex operations on millions of datapoints. Cascade is the complete, collaborative number-crunching toolkit for world-class analysts.

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Analysis-building at its Most Streamlined

Connect to the tools you're already using

Leverage dozens of direct connections to data sources to pull in the data you need to run your analysis. No more exporting CSVs or copying and pasting datasets.

Combine and clean datasets, simply and repeatably

Merge datasets from different sources easily, then run sophisticated cleaning operations on the result. If the data updates, just hit refresh. Simple as that.

Explore the numbers and build your model

From there, use a comprehensive numbercrunching toolkit to build the model you want. Run regressions, clustering, forecasting or just explore using a standard spreadsheet.

Present your story, let others build on your insights

Create beautiful, interactive visualizations, and allow others to "stack" their analysis on your foundation.

It's time to do better than a spreadsheet

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