The modern analyst's workhorse

The Cascade platform is designed to give modern analysts the toolkit they need to build custom, insightful analysis based on their existing datasets, with or without code. Cascade's all-in-one experience allows the story inside the data to shine.

Build repeatable analytical workflows on live data

Connect or upload datasets, then run repeatable workflows on that data. If the underlying data changes, just hit refresh.

Choose from a broad range of number-crunching tools

Cascade offers a range of number-crunching tools that can be applied repeatably to your data, from basic transforms to custom code.

Publish your results as a narrative backed by live data

No more exporting graphs and charts, then wondering if they're up-to-date. Cascade's presentation layer allows visualization and narrative-building hooked to live data sources.

Leverage existing workbooks, build an analysis ecosystem

Analysis never happens in isolation. Use outputs of existing workbooks and publish your results, creating connected and interoperable insights.

It's time to do better than a spreadsheet

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